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Acid Wash

Overview Acid Wash Replaster Fiberglass Copings/Tile

Acid Wash

If your pool and or spa is discolored it is most likely from a water chemistry imbalance. In most cases, if the plaster is discolored and the rest of the plaster is in overall good condition (blue, black, shades of green) we can simply drain and perform an acid wash to remove the discoloration. Once we acid wash the pool we will also hand sand the plaster back to a smoother surface. By sanding the plaster smooth or removing the porous areas it helps eliminate future staining. Over time the metals in the water over time will collect in the porous areas of plaster. If these areas are not sanded it will make it more difficult in the future to remove staining.

Please click here to request for a 1 Stop Pool Pros professional to inspect your pool and spa for acid wash.

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