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Energy Efficiency

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1 Stop Pool Pros has been educating and consulting on energy management for over 20 years. We have presented at a multitude of industry events all over California, introducing the newest environmentally friendly renewable energy and energy efficient products and equipment.

The cost of energy continues its escalation with no end in sight. The cost of owning a swimming pool continues to increase; but there is something you can do to limit your swimming pool expenditures. You can replace your old equipment with new energy efficient equipment. 


  • It has never been more imperative for a pool owner to investigate energy efficient options.


The unrest in the Middle East, while a major contributor to the high cost of energy, is not the only culprit. The demand for energy is increasing throughout the world and as more and more countries such as China and India demand more and more of the pie, prices will continue to climb even higher. This makes investigating your energy efficiency options even more important.

If you are interested in energy efficient equipment, now is the time. As energy costs continue to rise, companies have a tendency to raise prices to compensate for new demand. As always, time is money.

Some energy efficient equipment has the potential to pay for itself in a matter of months.

This is amazing when you actually think about the fact that spending money can almost immediately put extra money in your pocket. In some areas and with some energy efficient equipment, the equipment is paid for in a matter of months, leaving you with, in some cases, hundreds of dollars in your pocket each month.

There are two questions that must be answered before you decide to move forward with an energy efficient program.


  1.  Is energy efficient equipment the best equipment for your pool?
  2. Can energy efficient equipment actually put hundreds of dollars in your pocket each month?

If the answer to both of the above questions is yes, you have nothing to lose and money to gain.

Let 1 Stop Pool Pros provide you with a FREE energy efficient assessment. There is no cost or obligation for this information. 

Some of the fastest Return on Investment are the products listed below:

Solar Thermal Panels
Photovoltaic panels with DC current Motors
Sand Filtration
LED Lighting

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